How many of us find ourselves at a loss when sat in front of a computer?

Who worries about calling a “techie” as we are worried we won’t understand what they are saying?

We have the answer . . .

The recurring issue in today’s market is that everyone understands that they need to have a certain level of computer skills and internet knowhow.  The problem is that most of us don’t know who to ask to gain that knowledge and if we do ask we are worried that we won’t understand what we are told and how to implement it.

Having always worked with computers since leaving university, Tessa’s experience started with helping friends who were computer illiterate – teaching them how to understand their computer and how to use it from basic issues such as how to file photographs, to setting up wireless printers.  This has now progressed to helping design and build websites.    The expression “computer translator” has been used to describe her role – translating between the layman and the computer technician.   If she doesn’t know the answer she know how to find the answer and implement it.  If you are a home, or small business user, then Tessa has gathered together a team who can answer all your questions and solve all your issues in terms of computer needs.  No job is too small.

We are based near Towcester, Northamptonshire